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Picking the Right CCTV Cameras: A Beginner's Guide



There's a vast range of CCTV cameras you can select, but picking the right one for your home security needs can be daunting, specifically if you've never done this before. There are a number of factors to consider to be sure that the CCTV home security from cctv companies in dubai you acquire and set up serves its purpose optimally.


Consult a CCTV Security Expert

There are many CCTV companies in Dubai which you can contact for assistance with the evaluation of your home surveillance requirements. A security professional can help you select surveillance cameras after an assessment of your property and viewing a couple of recordings taken with different camera types. You should be able to gauge the picture quality you can get with different surveillance cameras.


Determine the Camera Type

There are different types of surveillance cameras that you can use with your samsung cctv dubai home security. Some are entry level analogue cameras, while others are digital, high-definition cams. There are even IP cameras that come with internet connectivity. There are HD and IP cameras that even small business can acquire and enjoy high levels of security monitoring.


Determine Camera Capacities

Consider issues such as camera resolution, which indicates the quality of footage you may expect from your security system. There are camera resolutions as high as 1080p. The angle of coverage is also an issue you may want to consider. For instance, 360 degree cameras are known to cover all around the area they're set up. But there are lower angle cams, such as 60 degree view or 180 degree view. Cameras come with a wide spectrum of storage capacities, such as 500MBs and 1GB.


The Requirement for Support Lighting

CCTV color surveillance cameras can record in color during the day, but at night, they usually capture black and white unless there's support lighting. There are other cameras that rely on their own infrared capabilities to "see" in the dark, and such, they don't require any extra lighting. Your security needs will determine whether support lighting will be required.


Take Into Account the Costs

CCTV surveillance cameras come in different prices depending on quality and capabilities. For example, color cameras cost more. Likewise, IP cameras are considered high-end. Nonetheless, there are entry-level CCTV cameras with IP and HD capabilities that you can install.


It's important that you consult any one of the many CCTV companies in Dubai for expert advice regarding the type of cameras you should buy for your home security system.